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It is our practice to work as cooperatively as possible to supply timely information to the media on the emergency and its impact on students, teachers or staff members, provided the release of information does not jeopardize the emergency response activities, or conflict with federal privacy laws, the well-being of our students or employees, or the concerns of their families.

During an emergency, the media are not allowed inside affected school buildings. The media are assigned to a designated external area at the site of the emergency to allow full access to the site by emergency response teams.

During an emergency, all media calls are referred to the Community Services office to allow the crisis response team at the site to give full attention to relief efforts. The District will work as quickly as possible to provide accurate information to the media through a spokesperson, written releases or news briefings held at the Administration Center, 2420 Woodson Road (unless otherwise indicated). In the event of a crisis, media will receive detailed guidelines specific to the emergency.