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Mission, Vision, Values & Equity Statement

The mission of Ritenour School District is to ensure learning occurs in a supportive environment that enables every student to think critically, solve problems and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in our diverse, global society.


Ritenour School District, in partnership with parents and community, will develop leaders recognized for academic excellence and produce graduates who will become productive citizens and lead lives of personal integrity and fulfillment.


  • Focusing on students first
  • Maintaining a learning environment that affirms all abilities and interests
  • Communicating high expectations for all students, families and staff
  • Valuing and respecting students, parents and staff
  • Treating each other with dignity and respect
  • Working together and supporting each other
  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Mastering the details
  • Sustaining a commitment to excellence
  • Ensuring open communication
  • Acting and speaking with a sense of pride about the Ritenour district
  • Engaging parents and community as active partners in the learning process

Equity Statement

A commitment to building positive, purposeful relationships with every student and every family so that barriers to learning at high levels are removed. Diversity among Ritenour families and staff is valued, sought, and embraced. Student backgrounds (ability, racial, ethnic, religious, gender, gender identity, class, traumatic experiences) do not limit teacher expectations of student outcomes. Resources are allocated so that every student gets what they need. The goal of the equity statement is to provide a great education for every student every day. View the Ritenour School District Equity Dashboard.