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Elementary Schools

Elementary School Sustainability

Green Team

At the Elementary level, each school within Ritenour School District has a building-wide Green Team. The Green Teams are facilitated by the school's educators and supported by building administration. Additionally, each building is supported by a member of our District Coalition for Sustainability.  


All buildings within Ritenour School District participate in Single-Stream Recycling, through Republic Recycling facilities. As a Single-Stream School District, our staff and students dispose of recyclable waste in the provided blue containers within their classrooms, offices, and cafeterias. Items to be placed in the containers include plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum, and glass. These items are then taken for recycling collection, to be later returned to the consumer market. This procedure eliminates unnecessary waste from being directed to our landfills. 


Two Elementary Schools within Ritenour School District participate in building-wide composting programs. The composting programs redirect food waste destined for a landfill, to instead be reprocessed into fertilizer for our school's building gardens. These gardens provide both natural beauty and educational opportunites for our children and their families. 


All Elementary schools participate in the Missouri School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program. This program promotes healthy learning environments for children through character development, bully-free learning zones, and school-wide promotion of positive behavior. Marvin, Wyland and Iveland Elementary have achieved Silver-Award recognitions of Excellence in their building programs.