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Ritenour High School

High School Sustainability

Ritenour Auditorium
The auditorium and classroom addition from 2012 was built to the highest standards of sustainable construction and energy efficiency.    Energy Efficient Design
The addition is designed for energy efficiency and sustainability, including the use of “green” and sustainable building materials. Energy efficient design will save energy costs over the life of the building. Linoleum, cork flooring and terrazzo are produced from recycled and recyclable materials. Carpet includes recycled content and can be recycled at the end of its life.
“Daylighting” techniques increase sunlight into the building reducing the need for electric lighting. The use of skylights and “light tunnels” introduce daylight into interior rooms. Electronic controls dim lights when sunlight is available but lights rooms at night or on cloudy days. Light shelves and louvers control glare from south sun angles and direct sunlight onto room ceilings to increase the quantity of the light.   Rain Gardens
Rain gardens built on site to improve absorption of rainwater runoff from rooftops, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. The gardens reduce the amount of runoff contributed to local rivers, creeks and municipal storm water systems. Rain gardens are environmentally friendly and help to lower the impact of impervious surfaces and polluted runoff because they are low-tech, inexpensive and sustainable.    Green Roof (Vegetated Roof)
Roof area above the upper lobby includes modules planted with hardy sedum plants. The new green roof provides a living laboratory for students to study plants and nature. Plants provide summer evaporative cooling, winter rooftop insulation as well as filtering and slowing storm water run-off for downstream water control. Vegetated roof to be irrigated using storm water from the auditorium roof collected in an adjacent underground cistern.

Green Roof