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Pride & Promise Foundation


Who We Are

The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports education in the Ritenour School District. The organization was established to provide supplemental funding for programs to enhance the educational experience of the district. In Jan. 2011, the Foundation was officially certified and granted inaugural incorporation status by the State of Missouri. The Foundation is not part of the Ritenour School District; however it collaborates with the district to provide exceptional opportunities for students and staff through grants and scholarships. Independent of the school district, the Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of alumni, friends of the district and school administrators. Board members volunteer their time and expertise in order to support the Foundation.   

How to Help

The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation is funded by solicitations and gifts from individuals, corporations and other foundations as well as fund-raising initiatives.

With your help, we have the potential to unite our community in support of children’s education! We ask you to consider becoming directly involved in the future of our community by supporting the quality of life and education of the 6,300 children in the Ritenour School District by making a donation to the Pride & Promise Foundation. 

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What We Do

The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation enables individuals and organizations to support student achievement through donations. The goal of the Foundation is to stimulate opportunities that further benefit students, teachers and staff throughout the district.

The Pride & Promise Foundation supports education in Ritenour by providing incentive grants for students and teachers that encourage innovative and rigorous projects. Continued student achievement is supported by the funding of post-secondary education scholarships to selected Ritenour High School graduates. Based on the district’s philosophy of environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainability, project consideration in these areas is also encouraged.