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Request for Printing

Using the Request for Printing form

When filling out the Request for Printing form, you MUST fill out the entire form. Hundreds of requests are processed every year, so please do not assume that the communications department will know what you want, even if it is a job you have requested many times. If the communications department receives a job request that is not filled out completely, information must be verified with the requester, and that will delay the job.
Request for Printing (click for PDF)

Filling out the Request for Printing By the Numbers

Request for Printing

1Always provide a due date.

  • Printing is scheduled according to due date. If multiple jobs come in for the same date, it is on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • ASAP or Immediately are not considered acceptable due dates.
  • The copy shop requires 7-10 business days to complete medium to large jobs (all GBC binding, large runs of stapled documents, document padding, etc.). This is subject to change on large, complex jobs.
  • Smaller jobs can be completed in 5-7 business days (examples:100 copies of a 2-sided form).
  • If you have an urgent job, call Paula Meers at ext. 8210 to discuss printing options.
  • Equipment breakdowns can effect turn-around times.
  • Be realistic when providing a due date. If you do not need it for three weeks, use the date you need it, not a random date.
  • If you need a job completed for the beginning of the next school year, submit the job before you leave for the summer. We will complete it and send it to your classroom/office when staff returns.

2—Always provide a clean (legible) original(s).

  • Do not send originals for copying on recycled paper (previously printed on paper).
  • Originals should be on white paper (if possible). Copies on colored paper do not reproduce very well.
  • If changes are needed on a document or you need something created, contact Paula Meers at ext. 8210 to discuss the details.
  • If the copy job is something that was created by the Communications department (Paula Meers), include a sample of the job to be copied. Do not assume the we know which job you are requesting.
  • Do not send Request for Printing with post-it notes attached. If there is information that you want to pass on to the copy shop that is not on the form, write additional instructions somewhere on the front of the form or write it on the back of the Request for Printing form and write on the front “See back for additional instructions.” DO NOT ASSUME that the copy shop employees will turn the form over to look without instruction to do so.
  • Do not include notes attached anywhere throughout the original document. All instructions must be on Request for Printing.

3—Be specific about the number of copies needed.

  • If you need 50 copies of the entire packet, write “50” and mark “Collated” under #6.
  • If you need 50 copies of each page of the original, write “50 copies of each page” and mark “Grouped” under #6.
  • If you are requesting pads, please indicate the number of pads that you want and how many sheets per pad. Also mark “Tablet/Pad” under #7.

4—Indicate whether the job is to be printed 1-sided or 2-sided.

Number of sides
  • Do not send originals for copying on recycled paper (previously printed on paper).

5—Indicate whether the job is to be folded (booklets).

Number of sides

6—Indicate whether the job is to be collated or grouped.


Collated–If you need a copy of the entire original in order.

  • Grouped–If you need copies of each page of the original.

7—Indicate whether the job is to be stapled, 3-hole punched, GBC bound (plastic combs) or Tablet/Pad.

  • GBC bound copies can be a time consuming and costly process. Please consider stapling or 3-hole punching as an alternative when possible.

8—Indicate paper color. If you want the cover(s) to be a different color, please indicate this.

Paper Color
  • The copy shop stocks a limited supply of paper. If you want a type of paper that is not listed below, please contact Paula Meers at ext. 8210 to discuss paper options.

Paper colors available (click to see paper color samples):
- Bond paper (regular copier paper)—8-1/2” x 11”
  • White     • Canary (Yellow)     • Goldenrod (Gold Yellow)     • Light Green
  • Light Blue     • Pink     • Orchid     • Salmon     • Buff (light yellow orange)
  • Bright Green (Limited)     • Bright Orange (Limited)
- Bond paper (regular copier paper)—11” x 17”
   • White
- Cardstock (Medium Weight–Not Tag)—8-1/2” x 11”
  • White     • Canary (Yellow)     • Goldenrod (Gold Yellow)     
  • Light Green     • Light Blue     • Pink     • Orchid     
  • Bright Green (Limited)     • Bright Orange (Limited)
- Cardstock (Medium Weight–Not Tag)—11” x 17”
  • White • Yellow (Limited)

When requesting packets, booklets, etc. on colored paper, consider having a colored cover(s) with white paper inside. This saves resources.

9—Indicate paper size.

Paper Size
  • 8-1/2” x 11” (letter)
  • 8-1/2" x 14" (legal)
  • 11” x 17” (tabloid)

10—Indicate type of paper.

Paper Type
  • Bond paper (regular copier paper)
  • Cardstock (Medium Weight–Not Tag)

Refer to #8 and #9 to see what paper colors and sizes we offer.