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Curriculum & Instruction


The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction department is to ensure implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional strategies, development of capacity to deliver instruction through relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning experiences; and the alignment of departmental and district structures (policies, procedures, practices) in an effective and efficient system.

Department Responsibilities

  • Curriculum and Instruction supervision, management, and facilitation
  • Curriculum Review and Revision Process (Six Year Review Cycle, Quality Curriculum Council, Board Approval),
  • Grade Level Expectations /Course Level Expectations Alignment and PreK-12 Articulation – Communication Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
  • Grade Level Expectations/National Standards Alignment and PreK-12 Articulation (Communication Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies , Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, Health, Career and Technical Education, ELL, Family and Consumer Science, Technology, Guidance)
  • Curriculum Materials Adoption Process
  • MSIP Program Evaluation Process (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Title I, Gifted and Talented, Health/Physical Education, Business, A+, Early Childhood Education, Parents As Teachers, Communication Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
  • Administrative Professional Development/ Improvement Planning
  • Instructional Improvement
  • Summer Academy Curriculum and Program
  • Early Childhood Center Curriculum and Program
  • English Language Learners Curriculum and Program
  • Extended Day Program

State and Federal Programs supervision, management, and facilitation

  • School Improvement – No Child Left Behind
  • Missouri School Improvement Program, Comprehensive School Improvement Program
  • Library and Media Services
  • Title I – Schoolwide Program
  • Title III – English Language Learners
  • Career and Technical Education (Career and Technical Education courses, Perkins Grant, Career Placement, Dual Credit Partnerships)
  • Advanced Course Curriculum (Advanced Placement and Annual Performance Review alignment)
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • MSIP Staff/Parent/Community Engagement and Partnerships

Contact Us

Curriculum & Instruction
2420 Woodson Road
St. Louis, Mo. 63114
(314) 493-6014

Denean Steward

Dr. Denean Steward
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
(314) 493-6012

Bruce Green

Dr. Bruce Green
Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education

Rolanda Piggs

Rolanda Dodds-Piggs
Office Professional
(314) 493-6014

Evelyn Gilliam

Evelyn Gilliam
Coordinator of Professional Learning

Michael Nobile

Dr. Michael Nobile
Coordinator of Curriculum and Federal Programs

Matt Macko

Dr. Matt Macko
Facilitator of Curriculum and Effective Teaching Practices - Secondary Level

LaTanya Buckner

LaTanya Buckner
Instructional Coach Hoech Middle School

Christopher Grove

Christopher Grove
Instructional Coach Ritenour High School

Rebecca Leb

Rebecca Leb
Instructional Coach Buder & Marion Elementary School

Tamara Taliaferro Thomas

Tamara Taliaferro Thomas Instructional Coach Ritenour High School

Melanie Turnage

Melanie Turnage
Instructional Coach Iveland & Wyland Elementary