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Level Up Math Challenge

Math Challenge

Ritenour students will soon be introduced to a new way to learn math facts called the Ritenour Level Up Math Challenge. The challenge is designed to bring fun and excitement to learning math.  

In the fall of 2023, Ritenour received feedback from families at Community Data Meetings who were eager for additional math practice opportunities outside the classroom. The Level Up Math Challenge was created to reinforce skills taught in school and to provide a platform for students to hone their abilities in various mathematical domains.

Beginning in December, students will receive a game board each month with a set of IXL codes.  IXL is an online learning program that Ritenour uses to help reinforce mathematical concepts students learn in the classroom. To successfully complete the challenge, students must achieve a score of 90 or higher on each IXL skill code on the game board. Then, they must write their score on the game board and turn it in to their school office.

The challenges should be completed at home, outside of regular school hours, allowing families to actively participate in their child's educational journey.

Students who complete the challenge will receive a certificate and a pencil every month. There will also be monthly incentives to return the game board to the school office, including awards like a stadium cup, fidget toy, pennant, brag tag, and a stress ball. 

Students will receive more information and game boards in early December.  

For more information about the Level Up Math Challenge, please contact your child’s teacher or school office.