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Raptor Crisis Manager Instructions


The Missouri Department of Public Safety (MDPS) partnered with Raptor Technologies to provide a mobile emergency alert app, Raptor, to all districts and charter schools for free for three years.  

The Raptor app allows school staff to trigger alarms and communicate with emergency responders. When a school staff member sees or learns about an incident, they can open the app and click on the type of emergency situation, which will automatically alert their local 911 center. Staff can then communicate with 911. Using geolocation (only if a staff member turns on location services while using the app), first responders will know where a situation is taking place.

Raptor is not a replacement for calling 911 or using the fire alarms in the buildings but should be used as a supplemental layer of safety.

Downloading Raptor Alert 

First Time Signing In to Raptor Alert Video

Building Administrator Training Video for Staff
This video is designed to be used by Principals and Assistant Principals to train their staff on the Raptor Alert system.
Topics covered include:

  1. Overview of Raptor Alert
  2. Demonstration of Functionality
  3. Configuring Critical Alerts
  4. Apple Watch Considerations
  5. Android Considerations