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Ritenour Auditorium

Ritenour Auditorium Rental Process

While the buildings, grounds, and facilities of the Ritenour School District are primarily to benefit and serve the educational needs of the District’s students, they are also a community resource.  As a result, the District provides for the short-term or temporary use of the District buildings, grounds and facilities by individuals, groups, and organizations when such use is of a lawful purpose and does not conflict or interfere with the District’s programs, operations, or activities.  Fees are charged for the use of facilities so that district funds intended for the education of children are not used to support other activities. 

Rules of Use: Please download the Rules of Use document at the bottom of this page when considering the use of school facilities. There are policies and regulations that you need to be aware of and be willing to honor.

Availability: Please download and complete the Ritenour Auditorium Permit Application below.

Submitting a Facility Usage Permit does not commit you to or guarantee a reserved space. Send the Facility Usage Permit by email, fax or in person to:

Attn: Dionne Gleckler - Support Services
Phone: (314) 493-6075
Fax: (314) 426-7144
Address: 2420 Woodson Road, St. Louis, MO, 63114

The Facilities Office will send the Facility Usage Permit to the appropriate administrator to determine if the facility is available on the date and time of your request. 

Estimate: If the facility is available, our office will send you a rough estimate of costs. The estimate may be revised as we learn more about your event and your needs.

  • To determine your fee category download the Rate Chart below. (A, B, C, D, E, F)
  • Rental Fees are based on the RA Rental Fee Schedule approved by the Board of Education.
  • You will receive an approval or denial within 15 days. You may be contacted by the theater manager if more information or clarification is needed.

Rental Agreement: If you choose to proceed, the Facilities Office will develop a rental agreement and invoice for the permit.

Submit Documents: To complete the permit, you will need to provide the following items to the Facilities Office:

  • Signed agreement – It must be signed by an authorized representative of your group.
  • Payment for rental fee as per the invoice.
  • Payment for security deposit. If a refundable security deposit is required as part of this agreement, the amount will be determined by the Facilities Office. Your deposit will be held and returned, unless needed to cover damage or personnel overages.
  • Insurance certificate. You must present a Certificate of Liability Insurance of at least $1,000,000.
  • Non-Profit – Non-profit organizations must present their letter of determination from the IRS to receive the lower non-profit rates.

Facility Use Permit: When all documents have been received, the Facilities Office will issue a rental permit. You must have a copy of the permit while you are using the facility. Facility use is approved only when a completed permit has been issued.

Rules of Use
Permit Application
Rate Chart