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Google Tips

  1. Google is not just Gmail. It also includes managed apps like Calendar, Drive, Sites, Groups, Contacts and Classroom.
  2. You can go to Groups to ask to leave an email group or to request to be added to one. 
    Google Groups
  3. Google Apps Training  is a great tool for learning more about Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Google+, Groups, Sheets, and Hangouts. This training includes self-directed learning that can be done on your own time.  
    Google Apps Training
    Find Google Apps training by clicking on the waffle in the upper right of your Google Drive, then clicking "more."
      in the upper right of your Google Drive, then clicking "more."
  4. Google Classroom can be used by all employees and has useful tools for creating tasks with specific due dates.
  5. In addition to the regular Google Tools, we also can utilize Google News, Maps, YouTube, AdWords, Photos, Translate, and other apps that have been created by Google.