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Discipline Policies—Student Conduct (Policy JFC-R)


The student code of conduct set forth in this regulation is designed to:

  1. insist on and develop student responsibility and respect for the rights of others,
  2. advance the orderly operation of the schools,
  3. ensure a safe and considerate setting in which to educate students,
  4. identify behavior which is unacceptable, and
  5. indicate the range of disciplinary actions which such behavior will invoke.

The Board of Education policies referred to, and upon which this code of conduct is based, are posted on the District’s website, are available for reference or copying in the office of the principal or the superintendent, and will be supplied upon request.

It is, of course, impractical to identify every offense which may result in disciplinary action. Some offenses may also result in criminal charges and consequences beyond those within the jurisdiction, authority and capacity of the District. Disciplinary action by the school may be taken, however, whether or not criminal charges occur. Further, any offense, which constitutes a serious violation, will be documented in the student’s discipline record, as specified and required by policy JGF, Discipline Reporting and Records.

When physical damage or loss occurs as a result of theft, extortion or vandalism, restitution by the student and/or parents may also be required.

In cases of alcohol/drug/tobacco use, a program of counseling, rehabilitation or cessation may accompany and/or influence the punishment imposed.

Because the age of students may be related to the degree of their realization of the significance of an offense and their degree of responsibility for it, the appropriate consequences of an act committed by an elementary student will often be different from those for a secondary school student.

While it is impossible to identify every breach of conduct that may necessitate disciplinary action and the resulting consequences, each offense will be considered and responded to with the best interests of both the individual student and the student body in mind.