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Alternative Education (Husky Academy)


The Ritenour School District’s Husky Academy serves at-risk youth in grades 5-12 in a non-traditional school setting. The Husky Academy is located on Lackland Road next to the Overland Community Center.

The newly renovated building contains all Ritenour alternative education programs, including the ACE Learning program. The goal of Husky Academy is to increase graduation rates, increase attendance levels and improve academic performance of non-traditional learners. The programs available through Husky Academy give students several options to help them stay on track to graduate with their class. At Ritenour High School, programs like Freshman FUTURES Academy and Credit Recovery also will support students who meet a wide variety of criteria for alternate programming.

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Husky Academy

Husky Academy
9229 Lackland Road
Overland, MO 63114

Phone: (314) 493-6031
Attendance: (314) 493-6401

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