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About the HHC

The Ritenour School District has welcomed CareSTL Health as a provider to support Ritenour students in PreK-12 with school-based health care services during the school day Mondays through Wednesdays.

The Husky Health Center is opened on Jan. 28, 2019 and is currently located in the north wing at Hoech Middle School, 3312 Ashby Road.

The Husky Health Center allows students to access health services – including pediatric medical care and behavioral health services – during school hours. Services include chronic disease management for asthma, immunizations, physicals and referrals for other medical services at the center. CareSTL Health staff who see patients are licensed professionals.

CareSTL Health will seek payment for services from the patient’s medical insurance payer source. However, no patient will be turned away because of an inability to pay. No payments are requested at the time of service from students.

A district minivan transports students to and from school to the Husky Health Center. Parents and guardians may also transport their student and accompany them to their appointment during the school day. To schedule an appointment, please call (314) 882-1284.

Our hope is that through this collaboration, we are able to make health services easily accessible for students in the district. The first step in making these services accessible to your child is to complete the consent form.  This will allow your child to be seen and treated by the medical staff at the Husky Health Center. The form will only need to be completed one time for your child to be seen for the remainder of his/her educational career in Ritenour schools.

Pediatric providers are always accompanied by a member of the nursing staff whenever a physical examination of your child is performed, and parents are welcome to attend the scheduled visit. Alternatively, CareSTL Health can also make provisions for parents to communicate with the provider via telephone during the assessment in the event that the parent is not able to be present during the visit, but would like to provide input or participate.

We are proud to partner with CareSTL Health at our Husky Health Center to serve Ritenour students. Please see the Questions & Answers page for more information. Should you have any additional questions regarding the Husky Health Center or about the required paperwork, please feel free to contact your child’s school nurse.