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Missouri Course Access Program

Virtual Learning in the Ritenour School District

Students enrolled in Ritenour School District may be eligible to participate in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP). The State Program offers District students the opportunity to enroll in virtual school courses in a variety of grade level and content areas from Kindergarten through grade 12. The District may elect to offer specific courses as part of the program. 

MOCAP offers virtual online courses for students statewide. Students can take an entire course from any Internet-connected computer, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Student Skills Necessary for Success in Virtual Courses

  • Student has demonstrated time-management skills that indicate the student is capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements without reminders.
  • Student has demonstrated persistence in overcoming obstacles and willingness to seek assistance when needed.
  • Student has demonstrated verbal or written communication skills that would allow the student to succeed in an environment where the instructor may not provide nonverbal cues to support the student’s understanding.
  • Student has the necessary computer or technical skills to succeed in a virtual course.
  • Student has access to technology resources to participate in a virtual course.
  • Consideration of the student’s previous success (or struggle) in virtual learning. 

Single Course Virtual Learning Options

The following single course virtual learning options are currently available for students in grades 6-12: 

If you wish to enroll in a SINGLE virtual learning course, the enrollment period will end 10 days after the start of the semester. Students who fail to timely enroll will be permitted to apply the next semester.

  •  MOCAP through a Non-Hosted Provider (student remains enrolled in Ritenour)

Qualifications for enrollment in a virtual course(s):

  1. Your child/ren must currently be enrolled in Ritenour School District
  2. If your child has an IEP, then an IEP meeting must be held and decided that virtual learning is in the best interest of the student. 
  3. Counselors & administrators have confirmed that pre-requistes are met to take the course and the student is not beyond the normal academic load for the semester.
  4. Student has demonstrated success in previous online courses
  5. Complete the Application for Missouri Course Access & Virtual School Program (MOCAP) and we will contact you regarding next steps.*

The virtual enrollment period closed as of January 30, 2024. For more information and questions about virtual instruction, please email Dr. Denean Steward, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at

Enrollment must be approved by the district before a student may enroll in virtual courses.  

Applications are accepted up to 10 days after the start of the semester.  Students requesting a course after the enrollment period will result in a denial of the request since it is not in the best educational interest of a student to begin a MOCAP course 11+ days after the course has begun.  The student may be approved to enroll in the same course during the following semester's enrollment period.

Full-Time Virtual Learning Options

Ritenour School District has partnered with the LAUNCH & Edgenuity programs for MOCAP approved virtual education options.  Please see the following websites for further information and course lists.

LAUNCH - Contact Missy Sandbothe for questions regarding LAUNCH (314-692-9718)

The following full time, asynchronous virtual learning programs (MOCAP) are currently available for students in grades K-12:

  •  MOCAP through a Hosted Provider (student enrolls in host district); Non-Hosted Providers are also available on the website. 

Requirements & Other Information

  • Families must reregister in Ritenour School District
  • Enrollment must be approved before a student may enroll in virtual courses 
  • If your child has an IEP, then an IEP meeting must be held and decided that virtual learning is in the best interest of the student

Please reach out to the providers for information on full time virtual learning opportunities. 

District Legal Notice

Because virtual instruction can be an effective education option for some students, the district may offer virtual courses to students through district staff or by contracting for those services as part of the district-sponsored curriculum. In addition, eligible students may enroll in virtual courses offered through the Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP). The district will accept all grades and credits earned through district-sponsored virtual instruction and MOCAP.

The district will pay the costs of a virtual course only if the district has first approved the student's enrollment in the course as described in this policy. Even if a student or his or her parents/guardians pay the costs for a virtual course, the student or parents/guardians should meet with the principal or designee prior to enrollment to ensure that the course is consistent with the student's academic and personal goals.

The district is not required to provide students access to or pay for courses beyond the equivalent of full-time enrollment. The district will provide supervision for students who take virtual courses in district facilities but will not provide supervision for students taking virtual courses offsite.

Students taking courses virtually are subject to district policies, procedures and rules applicable to students enrolled in traditional courses including, but not limited to, the district's discipline code and prohibitions on academic dishonesty, discrimination, harassment, bullying and cyberbullying.

For more information about the program in Ritenour, view the Ritenour District Policy IGCD
Additional Information can be found at: