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2024 Honors Dinner

The Ritenour School District honored special staff members at the annual Honors Dinner on April 25, 2024 in the Ritenour Auditorium.

View professional photos from the event.

The annual Night on the Red Carpet kicked off by recognizing Ritenour support staff who stepped up to become certified teachers in Ritenour classrooms. This year, Aurora McCandless, a Ritenour High School science teacher received the Stepping Up Award. 

Additionally, the district honored Diamond Circle Award recipients, First-Class Teacher and Make a Difference Awards, as well as 25-year employees and 2023-2024 retirees. 

View videos from the 2024 event:

Diamond Circle Honorees 
Teacher of the Year
Employee of the Year
First Class Teacher
Make a Difference Award
25-Year "Make Me Laugh"
The Final Countdown - Ritenour Retirees

Ritenour is proud to honor Sherita Ming, a fourth-grade teacher at Iveland Elementary, as the 2024 Diamond Circle Teacher of the Year. Juana Pintor, Iveland’s daytime lead custodian, is the Diamond Circle Employee of the Year. The district also celebrated 10 other Diamond Circle teachers, an honor given to teachers who best exemplify the district’s commitment to quality education and service.

Brian Chance, a Special School District teacher at Ritenour High School, was honored as the 2024 Make a Difference Award recipient for his excellence in working with Ritenour students with diverse needs. Emily Hahn, an English language arts teacher at Hoech Middle School, is the district’s First Class Teacher for being an outstanding educator who is new to the profession.

Top Awards 2024

Other 2024 Diamond Circle teachers are: 

  • Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education - Valerie Stanfill, preschool
  • Buder Elementary - Emily Gabrisch, fourth grade 
  • Kratz Elementary - Lauren Openlander, third grade
  • Marion Elementary - Dr. Meggan Bruner, third grade
  • Marvin Elementary - Amanda Bush, fifth grade
  • Wyland Elementary - Ted Grabner, physical education and health
  • Hoech Middle School - Maggie Drummond, seventh grade science
  • Ritenour Middle School - Abigail Knoche, orchestra 
  • International Welcome Center - Dr. Lisa Thompson, English learner teacher
  • Ritenour High School -  Matt Elder, physical education and health
Diamond Circle Honorees

25-Year Employees are:

  • Dr. Meggan Bruner, Marion Elementary 
  • June Burkhardt, Marvin Elementary
  • Megan Cilley, Kratz Elementary 
  • Amanda Connelly, Iveland Elementary
  • Nicole Damaso, Kratz Elementary
  • Leslie Fister, Iveland Elementary
  • LaKisha Fouché, Marvin Elementary 
  • Wendy Gehner, Marion Elementary 
  • Amy Germain, Marion Elementary 
  • Wendy Jackson, Administrative Center
  • Superintendent Dr. Chris Kilbride
  • Erica Largent, Wyland Elementary
  • Angela Long, Buder Elementary
  • Amie McGraw, Marion Elementary
  • Karen Perry, Buder Elementary
  • Nancy Pearl, Marion Elementary 
  • Carla Theiss, Kratz Elementary
  • Brenda Westermayer, Hoech Middle School 
  • Becky Williams, Kratz Elementary 
  • Melissa Wortz, Hoech Middle School
25 year employees 2024

2023-2024 Retirees are:

  • Linda Baker, Ritenour Middle School 
  • Nancy Bramsch, Buder Elementary
  • Betsy Ceresia, Hoech Middle School  
  • Yen-yi Chen, Kratz Elementary
  • Jim Coletta, Ritenour Middle School
  • Mark Goldman, Ritenour Middle School
  • Jason Graves, Ritenour High School
  • Dr. Lisa Greenstein, Wyland Elementary School
  • Lori Greiner, Ritenour High School
  • Dr. Fred Harlan, Husky Support Center 
  • Juanita Hartmann, Ritenour High School 
  • Cheryl Jolly-Luster, Ritenour High School 
  • Dwight Lindhorst, Ritenour Administrative Center
  • Laura Maichel, Marion Elementary/Special School District
  • Dr. Robert Mitchell, Ritenour High School
  • Janet Sage, Hoech Middle School
  • Lori Scissors, Wyland Elementary School
  • Lisa Schiermeier, Ritenour Middle School
  • Angela Small, Ritenour Middle School
  • Bernadine Taylor, Ritenour High School
  • Kim Weber-Dennigmann, Marvin Elementary School
  • Molly Welsch, Ritenour High School
Retirees 2024