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Honors Dinner 2021

Honors Dinner Invitation
The 2021 Ritenour School District Honors Dinner took place virtually on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

Ritenour honored our awards recipients, 25-year employees and retirees from the 2020-2021 school year.  Thank you for all you do for our students and staff each and every day!  You are truly shining stars in Ritenour!  We hope you enjoyed the program!

Click on the links below to watch videos from the event:

2020-2021 Ritenour School District Awards Recipients:

  • Diamond Circle Teacher of the Year:  Christina Andrade Melly, Ritenour High School
  • Diamond Circle Employee of the Year:  Erica Hill, Wyland Elementary
  • Make A Difference Award:  Dr. Michael Nobile, Instructional Facilitator
  • First Class Teacher Award:  Sydney Tomaso, Kratz Elementary

Diamond Circle Teachers:

  • Jennifer Halderman, Buder Elementary
  • Mitzy Barnstead, Iveland Elementary
  • Dawn Zeitz, Kratz Elementary
  • Kate McLaury, Marion Elementary
  • Rachel Scholten, Marvin Elementary
  • Dena Allen, Wyland Elementary
  • Amanda Kowalczyk, Hoech Middle School
  • Dr. Matthew Macko, Ritenour Middle School

25-Year Employees:

  • Earl Joseph Bonner, Kratz Elementary
  • Stacy Brummet, Hoech Middle School (SSD)
  • Elizabeth Ceresia, Hoech Middle School
  • Meriel Curtis, Buder Elementary
  • Dr. Katie Gipperich, Buder Elementary
  • Marcus Glover, Hoech Middle School
  • Tara Gniadek, Buder Elementary
  • Christopher Isaacs, Ritenour High School
  • Carolyn Leuthauser, Buder Elementary
  • Mary Mahn, Admin. Center

2020-2021 Retirees:

  • Kathy Arkes, Hoech Middle School
  • Deborah R. Brennan, Ritenour High School
  • Julia Heath, Ritenour High School
  • October Maclin, Ritenour High School (SSD)
  • Julie Kampschroeder, Ritenour High School
  • Catherine Richard, Buder Elementary
  • Tina Ridenhour, Ritenour High School
  • Anne Schwarte, Wyland Elementary (SSD)
  • Tammy Schmitz, Marion Elementary
  • Dr. Tim Streicher, Kratz Elementary
  • Jennifer Thompson, Wyland Elementary
  • Anne Wynn, Ritenour High School (SSD)